Working Certificate

The “WC” is what club members call the CCRCA’s Working Certificate test, although, as used, the term refers to all three levels of testing: WC, Working Certificate; WCX, Working Certificate Excellent; and WCQ, Working Certificate Qualified.
Members of the Curly-Coated Retriever Club of Southern California are working with their dogs in various field events including the AKC and NAHRA tests. The primary testing program we use is the WC which was set up by the National club to measure a Curly’s ability to mark a fallen bird on land or water.
The CCRCSC is especially active in field training, in part because we believe that the best interest of the breed is served by perpetuating the both Curly’s type and instincts. We are blessed with great weather but also by having several experienced members willing to assist other owners and their less experienced dogs.